Where to Study Photography in the UK

Where to Study Photography in the UK

Photography has transformed in the recent years from a hobby to a real multi-million industry. At almost every event you will see at least one photographer that immortalizes the moments. In the fashion world the names of renowned fashion designers stand on the same place in the importance hierarchy with the names of the photographers. Some of the most popular names in the fashion and visual arts world are the names of photographers. We have selected some of the best possibilities to study photography in the UK in order to help you pursue your dream.

Robert Gordon University is based in Scotland, in the city of Aberdeen. Besides the basic photography courses this university offer a one-year BA Commercial Photography course. This year will prove vital for anyone that wants to have a career in commercial photography. During this year you will leave the school bench behind and start with practical and field work.

University of Westminster offers a very wide range of both undergraduate and postgraduate photography courses. All these courses have a theoretical and practical part. You will learn how to use your camera in different situations and how to take the best photo. Some of the most interesting courses from this university are Photojournalism and Documentary Photography.

De Montefort University has a modern approach of the BA. It offers the unique opportunity to study both photography and video in the same BA. This type of course is very suitable for those who want to work in the film industry and want to have the necessary knowledge for the job.

University of Lincoln was ranked number one in 2016 in the Photography undergraduate courses in the UK. The university has a very integrative approach and teaches the student different photography techniques. From the dark room to cutting edge digital technology, this photography course will teach you everything you need to know about photography.


Coventry University also offers a BA program in which student are encouraged to develop their own photography style and to try different techniques. This course presents every type of photography and prepares the students for their future career, no matter where they take the photos. The main purpose of this course is to develop the technical skills of the students.

Sheffield Hallam University also offers one of the best photography courses in the UK. This course also focuses on both the theoretical and technical skills of the students. Located near many historical monuments, the students have plenty of time to practice their skills.

Anglia Ruskin University also offers photography courses that will help you develop the necessary skills for a future career. This university received many positive feed-backs from former students that said that the skills learnt during university were more than enough for their career.

The University of Edinburgh is one of the highest ranked universities in the UK. The photography course here guarantees the necessary skills for a future career and the campus will give you a unique student experience.

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