Thinking of Using Drones for The Wedding Photos

Wedding in spring means it is the best time for photographers to plan wedding shoots with aerial photography. Using drones for wedding photos is a stunning way of capturing unique shots. Finding a drone photographer in your region is easy, and most of them have their own equipment to complete the job. Alternatively, you can also hire drones too if your shoot is more of a DIY idea. 

What is a Drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft. They are known as image-capturing aircraft that photograph and film from an aerial perspective, offering the most exceptional quality of cinematic photos and footage worth treasuring forever. There is a marked increase in couples using drones for wedding photography. They have become a ‘must-have,’ to at least capture a few unforgettable wedding moments.

Are They Ideal for Weddings?

Drones are a fabulous option to consider for wedding photography and videography. While it may seem that you don’t really require a drone, think about it from a higher perspective. The drones will show you a bird’s eye view of how the entire arrangement for the wedding looked with the crowds and the venue location. Even photographing guests of a big group from a drone is a nifty way of getting unique shots. Drone filming looks spectacular as the footage reveals the wedding venue’s true grandeur. Here are critical details worth considering before using drones for your wedding:

License & Registration

Drone users are expected to have registered their drone with the FAA, regardless of the reason they are using it, whether it is for commercial purposes or recreation. People using drones for commercial reasons such as wedding photos must obtain special licensing and also other requirements as per the state and city laws. In case you are hiring a drone to capture your wedding photos, get a copy of their current licenses and registrations copies as it may safeguard you from any potential lawsuit.


Wedding photographers use drones now as a part of their photography services, but their standard photography insurance will not work for drone photo services. Using a drone for wedding photos means it is used commercially and it is expected to carry additional insurance. 

Location/Venue Restrictions

There is a need to check with the venue owner and to ascertain if they have any venue or location restrictions. Go through their policies if anything is mentioned regarding drones.  Many venues have a ‘no drone’ policy due to legal liabilities. So, it is best to counter check with the venue owners.


Drones are distracting, based on drone quality. The fact is that drones are not silent, and their noise is annoying during a wedding ceremony. During the wedding ceremony, the guests also are distracted as they keep looking at the drones in the sky. This may be due to curiosity or noise, but their attention is definitely lost.

Weather & Other Restrictions

Flying drones is an exciting affair, but the weather can spoil all the fun. Wind, snow, and rain can have an impact on the drone’s usage. Using drones indoors in case of bad weather is impossible as drones need high ceiling space and pose a risk when being used indoors. Also, the venue owner may have issues using drones inside a building, so asking for permission is mandatory; else it can create legal problems.

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