Wedding Flowers to Choose in The UK – June Wedding

Do you love flowers and the flowering season, then having a June wedding is a perfect choice. During June there are several options, and this is the time of the year you can find an abundance of flowers. Any flower lover can settle for a wedding day in June so that they get to see an enormous variety of blooms, colors, textures, and fragrance. 

Summer or June Wedding Flowers

Are you wondering what to choose for your wedding flowers? Here are the top June wedding flowers in the UK:

  • Roses: The roses are in huge ruffled varieties offering the garden theme naturally. This is the time when the Austin roses, the scented ones, are available.
  • Sweet Peas: These have a divine fragrance, and these delicate heads are denser roses creating a soft contrast.
  • Jasmine:  The delicate tendrils of the Jasmine spread their scent amongst the guests and are great around extensive flower arrangements.
  • Delphiniums:  These are tall beauties presenting a sense of balance.  Adding them to an existing arrangement or placing a few delphiniums by themselves in a vase creates that ‘wow’ factor.
  • Bishops Flower: They are delicate flowers that seem like cow parsley but looks their best arranged in a vase. These dainty heads towering your bigger flowers keep dancing and creating that meadow feel.
  • Alchemilla: They create that much required fresh summer vibe and with apple green flowers that seem bright. They present vitality amongst the muted and soft palette.
  • Clematis: These flowers or purple or pink on a vine. These vines make a great place in the main arrangement body on the outer rim.
  • Foxgloves: The foxgloves hang elegantly, and now the smaller varieties are available that are easy to work with and are also great to glorify your bouquet or a table center.
  • Apple mint: These are green leaves with the tips that have soft mauve flowers, and their fragrance is simply wonderous.
  • Nepeta: They are identical to the apple mint. The only difference is Nepeta is finer with a spicier fragrance. Even a few sprigs will offer the required texture and soften the arrangement.

Summer wedding flowers induce the feeling of warm sunny days and clear skies. They are characterized by the heady scents they emanate.  Besides the buttery yellows, lovely purples, and bright greens pay homage to the romantic season of the year. The flowers staying fresh depends on the variety of the flower and the water that is used to fill the vases.

June Weddings – Best Floral Ideas

Having a garden style arrangement in June is sure to work beautifully, you also get to embrace all the different textures they offer. You can have a garden style wedding and have rose bowls on each table packed with scented roses, herbs, and sweet peas – A heavenly addition. If you wish to choose the informal approach, consider vintage bottles and place meadow style flowers such as dwarf foxgloves, cornflowers, and bishops’ flowers, in the vintage bottles – They would look adorable. June wedding flowers should be arranged but not over-arranged. Button-hole flowers may be challenging. Some flowers cannot stay out of the water for too long. So if you wish to use any as button-hole favors, make sure you speak to the florist.

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