Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

Every year designers spend a considerable amount of time and effort to design wedding dresses. Many of the dresses for 2018 have been created with stand-alone sleeves. Some of the trends include adding colour black to white dresses, for example black lines or black accent bows. These can make the dress appear somewhat more sophisticated. There is also the option of having an entire black ostrich feather black ball gown added to the white bodice.  These are some of the wedding gown fashion trends observed on the runway at Bridal Fashion week.

Plain and Simple

Plain white bows are also a favourite this season. They make a bold statement and add a classic feel to the wedding dress. You can have large daring bows or small bows that are added as accents. Instead of a veil, this season you can use a cape or capelet to give you a modern look.


Aside from colours, one can use jewels to accent dresses. Another trend in 2018 is to embellish the dress using pearls. This adds texture to the wedding dress, giving it an overall opulent appearance. These pearls can be attached to the bodice, to the midriff or even added separately, for example as a pearl choker. Along the same lines, one can have beading on most of the gown or in select areas. Silver beads can make the gown appear that much more glamorous. This is a popular trend this year as seen on the runway. Another option for an accessory this year is gloves. Sheer gloves are popular this year.


To accentuate the face, you can wear a dress with a halter neckline. This is especially a good choice for the bride who wants more support for the bust area. Ruffles are another design feature that is popular and has been showcased on runways in 2018. Ruffles can accentuate the femininity of a dress and add form to a very slender silhouette. Cascading ruffles are added to the skirt of the dress.

On the other hand, one can choose a classic look with structure and customary necklines. These can be for a mermaid style (also known as A-style) gown in satin. They produce a simple, yet elegant and classy look.


For a more elegant and royal appearance, one can have a wedding dress that has a narrow corset with a skirt that is of a ball gown type. The corset can be somewhat sheer to add some sex appeal. The other option is to have a slender corset and slender gown to give an overall slimming effect.

Blue Tones

Some designers have decided on using colour blue for the wedding gowns, such as pale powder blue and cornflower blue. They add lace to the ensemble to produce a beautiful wedding dress that is just perfect for a romantic wedding setting.

Gold is also a popular colour for a wedding dress in 2018. A metallic looking gown adds an element of sophistication and royalty to the overall look. Whichever look you prefer you are certain to find the wedding dress to perfectly suit your preferences and your big day.

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