Wedding Cake Alternatives to Serve at Your Reception

There are many options when it comes to the cake you can have at your wedding. There is nothing wrong with a traditional cake that you get to slice and take home.  However, many couples, who want their wedding to be unique and memorable, are now opting for something quite different. Today there are so many cake alternatives that it may be difficult to decide what you want. You will find that there are many places that can make a custom dessert or different type of cake for you for your special day.

Cheese is an option for a cake!

You can select from various types of cheesecakes, or you can even use pieces of cheese arranged in an interesting and unique way to make up a special plate – just look up “cheese platter cake” for absolutely stunning creations made from your favourite cheeses.

Consider having desserts instead of cake.

You could even have a variety of desserts instead of a cake. A nice, tasty pastry would be a great way to celebrate your nuptials, and almost everyone enjoys sweets. You can have wedding macarons, a waffle cake or even wedding macarons or Oreos. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want to be, there is no obligation to have a traditional tiered cake at your wedding. In fact, if you really want to make a statement, then choosing something unusual or different in place of a cake would be a great way to go. Some shops make a tiered arrangement of doughnuts all with delicious fillings – from jam to chocolate.

If you like cupcakes, then why not use these instead?

Cupcakes can also be arranged in layers and you can request for the icing to be the same color as the theme of the wedding. Besides yummy cupcakes, you could choose to have macarons or other types of biscuits. These can be all the same color, again to match your wedding color theme, or different shades if you like. You can choose to have these arranged vertically in a pyramidal shape or just laid out horizontally. Wedding meringues are another tasty option if macarons are not to your liking. These dainty fluffy treats are hard for anybody to resist, and they look fabulous once arranged in tiers and decorated.

Wedding Croquembouche anyone?

The Wedding Croquembouche has become more popular in recent years. These delicate and decadent French pastries contain a light cream and are placed into a cone shaped structure which is then drizzled with a lovely caramel sauce.

Pie instead of cake

Some people would rather prefer savory over sweet foods. If you feel like you belong in this category, then maybe a pie would be more appropriate than a cake. At least you know you will enjoy it, and you can have different flavors, picking berries and fruits can suit your fancy. Remember there is no need to always follow the traditional route, and there is nothing wrong with choosing something unconventional in place of a wedding cake, as long as you are satisfied with it.

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