Ways to Make the Bridal Party Standout

Once you get engaged to be married, the most exciting and most significant decisions lie in zeroing in on the most important people in your life. These are the people who will be by your side as your bridal party. In fact, they will be the main ones who will partake throughout the wedding planning venture and also through the biggest day of your life. These are the people you will also first turn to for wardrobe advice, ask for suggestions on the venue for the party, and also seek ideas on the flavor of the cake. A well-known fact is that on your wedding day, it is not just you and your partner who will be standing at the altar, it will include the groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearers, and flower girls. These people will support you two in exchanging your vows. Though it seems easy, assembling a team is not as easy as it sounds.

Picking out these key people is both important as well as a considerable burden depending on if you have a large group of mates or if you wish to keep things low. To arrive at a decision takes time and a lot of energy. However, here are a few fool-proof ways to ensure you pick the best bridal party.

Have More Than One

The number of friends you need as maids of honor or best men is up to you to decide. It is fine to break the rules; you can decide on the numbers as you wish and it can be more than one. If you are unable to choose between your BFF and your sister, or if the groom has two brothers, give the title to both. This eases the responsibility as they can divide it among two people. When it is time to give toasts, they can prepare the speeches individually or make one together.

Daughter as Maid of Honor

Younger children usually play the role of junior bridesmaid or the flower girl, but in case the child is your daughter, you can, by all means, bring her as your maid of honor. In fact, your daughter will feel happy, but perhaps she cannot fulfill all the duties of a maid of honor, especially, if your daughter is in the elementary school age. If so you may also consider a close friend of yours to play the role of deputy maid of honor so that she will handle the responsibilities, keeping your daughter in the plan.

Include Grandparents

Your wedding is reason enough to include your grandparents in the days’ festivities; more so if your relationship with your grandparents is fantastic. In fact, you can give them the role of a bridesmaid or groomsman, but if they are very old, it is wise not to burden them with a huge responsibility. If so, you can very well give your grandparents the role of ring bearer, flower lady or ask them to perform at the ceremony by doing a first reading. Your guests will also love it. Including your grandparents and loved ones on your special day creates a pleasant, warm atmosphere.

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