Ways to Fold the Pocket Square for Your Tux

A pocket square is a small piece of fabric kept inside the pocket of a suit as a style statement. Pocket squares are pure descendants of the men’s handkerchief.  Men used to carry handkerchiefs in their trousers, and it was later transitioned to carry the same in their breast pockets. This was done more for convenience as the trouser pockets carried coins and bills, while the handkerchief was used more frequently. As the handkerchiefs moved to the breast pocket’s position, it became decorative. The pocket square is a traditional style statement that is usually set during weddings and events as a crucial element of men’s formal suiting.

Different Types of Pocket Squares

The pocket square are usually made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, or other materials. There is a difference in a suit pocket square and a tuxedo pocket square, and it is based on the material and the fold used. A silk pocket square makes a suitable choice for a tuxedo or any formal evening wear. The material that the suit is made of also influences the choice of pocket squares. You can get creative with pocket square folds as per the occasion too.

Making the Material Choice and Folding Correctly

Learning to fold a silk pocket square is simpler. However, the material of the pocket square is best ironed beforehand.  The folds can be practiced before the event to make sure it’s the perfect one.

A flat pocket square pairs well with a tuxedo suit.  Linen or cotton materials work perfectly in a square fold. The aim is to make a perfect square without making it distract the entire suit’s appearance.

Steps to fold a pocket square:

  • Lay your pocket square on a level surface, flat.
  • Fold the left side over the top of the right and match the corners.
  • Fold the bottom up and keep it just short of touching the top edge.
  • Tuck into your breast pocket and make adjustments so that it appears flat and straight across your pocket’s top.

One-Point Pocket Square Fold

  • Lay your pocket square on a hard and leveled surface, keeping the top and bottom facing each other in the shape of a diamond.
  • Bring the bottom point of the diamond up to the top end; fold the pocket square into half to get a triangle.
  • Fold about two-thirds of the left corner over to the right and fold the right corner over that fold meeting the pocket square’s new left edge.
  • Tuck and adjust into your pocket as required. Ensure the top point is centered.

Two-Point Pocket Square Fold

This looks excellent with a sports jacket, business wear or suit jacket outfit. Cotton and linen work well as the chosen pocket square fabric. Even a wool pocket square holds good in the two-point fold.

  • Lay your pocket square on a level hard surface in a diamond shape with the top and bottom facing each other.
  • Fold the corner of the bottom up and match it with the top corner.
  • Fold about two-thirds of the left corner over to the right and bring the right corner over the fold to meet the pocket square’s new left edge.
  • Tuck into your pocket and adjust it in such a way that the two points are centered and are visible in your breast opening.

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