Underwater Wedding Photography and What it Entails

Being able to experience the underwater world is a different experience and is akin to a science fiction novel. The ocean is full of exotic life and vibrant colors. Thankfully, the evolution in technology has resulted in having a digital camera that permits underwater photography with ease. These cameras feature waterproof housing, and so taking photos is simply fabulous. If you are considering experimenting, shake off your inhibitions and plunge into the water holding your fiancĂ©’s hands. Believe it or not, you are going to have the most memorable dive.

Underwater Wedding Entails

An underwater wedding ceremony takes place under the water.  This is an intriguing concept and is perfect for couples who like to have something unique for their wedding. It is an excellent option for a diver, snorkeler, ocean lover, surfer and for adventurous people. Remember that both have to wear scuba units and masks. Make sure to get one that fits perfectly. Taking a few lessons in diving is a must for couples who are not divers. This is essential so that you are comfortable underwater while getting perfect photos. Some ceremonies keep couples standing up when they are on the sandy floor of the sea, but most couples find it convenient to kneel underwater.

Dive When The Light Is Right

Knowing the depth of the water body is essential as it will make the environment appear darker or lighter. This will affect the brightness of the photos that are taken under the water as well. Photoshoots need enough lighting to ensure the pictures are in high quality. Therefore, the best time to shoot is between 10 am and 2 pm.  If you can afford it, buy an underwater flash system. However, most of the underwater expert photographers bring two flashes. The deeper they go, there is a need for more light as at the bottom it gets dark, and they are prepared.

Plan Your Ceremony

As the underwater wedding ceremony is very different from the traditional one, be prepared for a lot of unique elements. You cannot invite many guests, and so it will be just an officiator and two people to witness the marriage. The witnesses can be anyone including dive instructors, in case your relatives or friends do not dive. The other guests will be asked to wait on a boat, and a videographer will capture everyone’s moments. It is tricky to kiss with a scuba mask on, but couples with a bit of practice can make it possible.

Get Proper Wedding Dress

For an underwater wedding, get a proper wedding dress. 

  • Forget the long bridal trains, and of course, there will be no gloves and veils.
  • Get a wedding dress that allows you to move around easily and is also compatible with the scuba equipment you are going to wear.
  • If you are considering something expensive, bear in mind that silk and salt water do not get along well, and diving in a silk dress will ruin everything.
  • Get a simpler and cheaper dress, but choose something stunning for the wedding reception.


If you are scared that you may appear unglamorous with your scuba mask on, you may consider acquiring some pre-dive wedding images of both of you in the water of a pool or a shallow area. The underwater wedding ceremony is usually for 15 to 25 minutes only, but it is a lifetime experience.

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