UK Succulents Are Perfect for an Ideal Wedding Bouquet

Flowers are an important part of wedding planning. They add to the customized feel of the wedding venue and the reception. Flower arrangements could be tailor-fitted to the theme of a wedding decided according to the preference of the bride and groom. Another important piece of the wedding where flowers shine forth is the bride’s wedding bouquet. Roses, gardenias, lilies, and orchids are time-honored favorites for the bride’s bouquet. However, at present, more and more brides are opting to include succulents in their wedding bouquet.

Succulents can be distinguished by pale colors ranging from gray to green to a slight purple. They look more fleshy than traditional flowers as they are plants that retain a lot of water. Beautiful and colorful succulents like Crown of Thorns and Flaming Katy could enliven a bride’s bouquet. Other popular choices include the green, rose-like Roseum, and Hens and Chicks.

Choosing Succulent Wedding Bouquets

Succulents could be added to the wedding bouquet for their one-of-a-kind appearance and texture. Traditional flowers like roses and gardenias used for the bouquet could have a few pieces of succulents for more texture and uniqueness in the arrangement. Other brides even opt for a bouquet made up of larger succulent buds to make the perfect bouquet made for an outdoorsy wedding.

UK Succulents Are Perfect for an Ideal Wedding Bouquet
UK Succulents Are Perfect for an Ideal Wedding Bouquet

There are many reasons for a bride to choose succulent wedding bouquets than the conventional ones. Other than having a more interesting bouquet, the biggest advantage of succulents is their longevity. Heat and a long wedding reception could be the enemy of traditional wedding flowers like roses, daisies, and gardenias. However, a hot day or a long reception will not change the quality of succulent bouquets. Since succulents naturally store up water, they can remain lively even for weeks after the wedding. Brides can even choose to replant their succulents and have another wonderful souvenir from their wedding.

Styling Succulent Wedding Bouquets

Another advantage of using succulents for wedding bouquets is that they are available all year round. This could lessen the costs needed for flower arrangements at a wedding. In addition, this makes succulents very versatile as well as they could be styles in harmony with other seasonal flowers. An example would be mixing the fleshy Roseum with berries and roses for winter weddings, while colorful succulents can complement bright sunflowers in summer weddings.

Succulents can suit well any kind of flower that a bride prefers. Florists who use succulents in bouquets mix them in with traditional flowers that also have a longer life span, such as chrysanthemums, lavenders, and pink dianthus. Succulents have pale and fleshy appearances, and the bouquets could be arranged according to the motif of the wedding. They could be matched with vibrant tiger lilies and kalanchoe for a more popping color. Succulents could also be designed with light or pastel-colored flowers for a more feminine and elegant design.

Since succulents are available all-year-round and are easily partnered with other kinds of wedding flowers, they would be designed to be used in any type of wedding theme. It is up to the imagination and creativity of the florist and the wedding planner. However, they are absolutely the favorites for outdoorsy and rustic-themed weddings.

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