Top Wedding Invitation Suggestions You Will Need

A wedding is a big day for every person who will play a part in organizing and getting things ready for the day. It is a day that drives most brides crazy and the wedding assistance crew completely nervous. Pulling off a dream wedding is not as simple as it sounds. It must be extravagant in its way and dream-like, and this means that it will be expensive. It is vital that every part of a wedding is perfect. To ensure this, people spend months and even years to plan every part of the marriage. One of the main things that an engaged couple is most likely to stress upon is the invites. It can be either glamorous or straightforward yet elegant. There is no correct way to plan a wedding invite. In this list are multiple tips and suggestions for a wedding invitation apart from the glamorous factor.

The Wedding Style

The reason why a wedding invite is so important is due to it being a reflection of the wedding day. You want your wedding invitations to shine just like your wedding and find that none of the designs are any good. Queue the stress and tension for all those involved. The wedding invite has to contain the venue, time and names of those who are being wedded, as opposed to a standard birthday invite. Pay attention to the font as it will have a crucial role in delivering the theme and message to the invitee. It will also hint to the formality of the celebration.


Colors are another aspect of a wedding invite that plays a significant role. It decides whether the event is going to be energetic or calm and serene. Take care when choosing the colors as selecting a color that doesn’t suit the layout will cause an adverse reaction. Ivory or cream colored cards with gold lettering show elegance and serenity, whereas ocean blue or seafoam cards with the silver font, is more calming and beach themed.

Sizes and Shapes

A traditional wedding card is no smaller than a 4.5 by 6.5-inch rectangle card. With more improvements being made to weddings and their invites, you can try out new sizes of the card for the invite. However, ensure that you do not forget the task at hand and what you are trying to achieve. Ensure that you also remember that larger and bulkier cards cost more to send.


One of the many mistakes that engaged couples make without realizing is when choosing the colors of their wedding card is the shade they use. Lighter shades of color in the background may not get picked up by printers and may also cause issues in tone. Utilize a stationary shop to help you choose a color that both accentuates the fonts and even the wedding theme. Avoid using light colors of the font on light backgrounds and dark colors on dark backgrounds, as they may make the font hard to see.

Don’t Clutter

Cluttering a card is a common issue, as is also common when designing a birthday card. Ensure that every aspect of your card is perfect and is occupying the correct position on your card. Add only the information that is necessary. If there is too much information in your invite, you risk the chance of making your card seem like it was designed in the last minute.

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