Top Wedding Destinations

Are you looking to tie the knot and want the best location for the event? Come on board as we introduce you to some of the best wedding locations from around the world.

Mexico, Cozumel

If you love nature and want your wedding day spent in its abundance, then the Cozumel is just the right place for you. The quiet island is located at the Caribbean and is surrounded by one of the biggest coral reef systems in the world. The island is framed by turquoise waters and you will find a natural reserve for wildlife. The place is usually less crowded as most tourists are yet to discover this treasure. So, if you want a place to wed with the lesser crowd, this is the right spot. You can also treat yourselves to a shopping spree as there are lots of exclusive shops and restaurants set up to serve the few tourists who have made it to this heaven.

When to wed:

The spring brings lots of tourists to the island between March and April. If you want your friends to come over for a wedding plus holiday, then you should wed around this time. But if you want a quiet wedding, then this is not the right time for you. You can schedule your wedding during the high seasons between mid-December till around March. You would also avoid the raining season which kicks off from May and lasts through mid-October.

South Africa, Cape Town

This is just the right place for couples who love adventure. South Africa is one country that has plenty locations for an exotic wedding. Cape town is filled with many picturesque locales for an outdoor wedding. So, if you are feeling funky and want to explore, come over to Cape Town.

When to wed:

You can schedule your wedding from December to February if you want to have a great summer wedding. From June to August is always chilly in the country, but you would enjoy viewing wildlife available in abundance. However, the weather in Cape town is cool all around the year, so you won’t even miss your home.

Side Attractions

Here are a few things you would enjoy on your trip to Cape Town:

  • Monkey filled forest lines across the sandy beaches of natal
  • Ostrich- filled grasslands that gracefully adorns the local villages
  • Beautiful landscape, pristine beaches, and wildlife reserves

Costa Rica

If you love beach parties, then you should take your wedding down to Costa Rica for a great time. Weddings in Costa Rica are great, you will never forget the experience. Whether you want to spend time with your loved one, perusing the unspoiled tropical background of the country, or you want something spectacular by the beach side, this is just the place to be for an unforgettable wedding experience.

When to wed:

You can schedule your wedding during the dry season. This is the very best time to enjoy the cool beach water and very comfortable weather.

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