Top Destination Wedding Locations in 2018

One of the most traditional places to have a wedding is the backyard of your parents’ house – it´s cheap, easy to decorate and cozy.  But if you are searching for a more extravagant location that will give your wedding the wow factor, we have listed some of the top destinations from around the world that will definitely make your big day unforgettable.


The old continent has a plethora of spectacular wedding venues. If you want a summer wedding on sandy beaches, you can choose to go to one of the Greek islands like Thassos or Rhodos for the ultimate Mediterranean wedding experience. The weather stays nice all summer long and the temperature is very pleasant. Another option is the northern coast of France where you can find countless old chateaus that can be rented for a decent price. France is perfect for more traditional weddings where you can wear that princess dress you have always dreamed about. Another great option is going to one of the ultimate romantic wedding destinations, Paris. Finding a venue here is very easy and tying the knot in the city of love is something you can brag about for the rest of your life.

Central America

The Caribbean and its surrounding islands are considered by many to be the miniature version of paradise. Endless beautiful beaches, coconut trees and lazy waves make this area perfect for those who want to have a sea-side wedding. The Cayman Islands are one of the best budget-friendly destinations. Punta Cana is also a good place, but the prices can be a bit higher there. The Dominican Republic is one of the staple wedding locations in this area already. The service here is impeccable and your guests will enjoy premium treatment while they sip from a cocktail on some of the most stunning beaches on earth.


Full of mystery and cultural diversity, Asia is simply amazing. There are countless countries in which you can have the dream wedding. Phuket, Thailand, is one of the most breathtaking places on the continent. The prices are reasonable, and the diversity of venues and beaches is one of the biggest advantages of the area. It is also perfect for a beach wedding thanks to the white sand that covers all the coast here. Bali is also amazing for such occasion, but the prices here are much higher.


The entire country is filled with amazing locales. If you want a fancy beach wedding, you can opt for Miami, Florida. There prices are suitable for every budget and it is very beautiful. Aspen in Colorado, though cold, is also suitable. The snowcapped mountains and warm fireplaces build a romantic environment; a perfect backdrop to your winter themed wedding.  And there is no need to worry about staying warm – Aspen is well-prepared for this season and all the venues are tailored to keep you and your guests toasty and cozy.

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