Things to Consider If You Intend to Have an Outdoor Wedding

The time has come, and your lady love has accepted your proposal as you went down on your knees. Now’s when the hard work begins. Planning a wedding starts with choosing the venue. If you’d want a dreamy kind of ceremony, there is no better way than choosing a romantic outdoor location to get hooked. Be it the beaches that make your bride’s veil dance in all its glory or the floral gardens that fill the place with its sweet fragrance; outdoor weddings are the most romantic kind. Make the beautiful and natural outdoor setting your wedding backdrop to cherish the serene ceremony for years to come.

Nobody says planning a wedding comes easy; it gets even more tedious when it’s an outdoor wedding. Well, it doesn’t matter how strenuous it gets, if you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, there is no looking back.  Once you decide to go ahead, you might as well be equipped to handle the situation. Make use of the following tips to have an unforgettable outdoorsy event.

Outdoor Wedding
Outdoor Wedding

A Roofed Space Nearby, Just in Case

Weather conditions aren’t always predictable, especially at locations that are fit for outdoor weddings. It so happens that the most beautiful locations have extreme weather which may appeal to an adventurous guest but may seem inconvenient for many of the events for the day. This is precisely the reason to consider having a closed space nearby. A very compelling reason that would prompt you to feel a closed area is mainly because you may have seniors, toddlers, babies and pregnant women among your guest list who may need some indoor comfort at some point during the wedding. 

Ensuring Basic Necessities

Nature’s call can come at any time, and it may come to any number of people in your guest list at a given time. It is your responsibility to see to the comfort of your guests by ensuring the availability of bathrooms based on the number of guests you’ve invited. Also, you also need to consider the distance of the toilet from the ceremony area. You wouldn’t want somebody to walk a mile to get his job done.

Permits and Permissions

Walking up to any location and setting up your wedding paraphernalia is not going to work. There are special permits required from the municipality office to organise an event in an open space. There may be limitations and restrictions you may be unaware of. So make sure you finalise the venue only after due consideration.

Outdoor Weddings Require Attire That is Location Specific

The guest needs to be intimated well in advance about the location and the kind of attire they need to be prepared. They may have to stand on sand or maybe on grass, and they need to know what they can wear in such circumstances. Especially, the women on the guest list need to know what shoes and clothes they can wear to be appropriate. 

Choose Food that is Resistant to The Climate

The changing temperatures are culprits when it comes to food spoilage in the outdoors. Make sure to choose a caterer who knows what they are doing. You wouldn’t want your guests puking out at the end of the day and blaming it on the food.

Survival Kits Can Save the Day

Umbrellas, fans, hats, water, paper towels, flip flops and other accessories can be a blessing to your guests. Such thoughtful gestures providing accessories will help keep your people comfortable. However, ensure you place these gifts in locations that guests can find it or else all your efforts will be in vain. You wouldn’t want to hear “if only I had known”.

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