Themed Wedding Ideas for the Holidays

Your wedding may coincide with a particular holiday which can make the whole event much more funas you can tie in your wedding with the holiday theme. There are some benefits to this pleasant coincidence. For one thing, your color scheme is sorted! For instance, Hanukkah has colors of white and blue that can be used for your wedding.

Religious holidays:

A Hanukkah theme is a good plan for a Jewish couple who want to combine the wedding with the religious holiday. You can have a sweet table filled with delicious sufganiyot and sweet latkes. Your wedding favors could double up as Hanukkah gelt.  And what about having beef brisket for your maincourse? You can have a lot of fun integrating the symbols and colors of the holiday into your wedding celebration which would make your special day evenmore meaningful.

A Christmas themed wedding would be a great deal of fun for those people whocelebrate Christmas. You can have a Christmas tree, tinsel and all the trappings typical of this time of year. You could use pine cones or even make snowflakes as decorative items. In fact, you have a lot to work with when itcomes to Christmas themed weddings. While you can use reds and greens for the color scheme, you do not have to stick to this. A winter wonderland theme isalso beautiful. Mistletoe and holly are plants that are closely associated with Christmas, so you may choose to use these plants as decorations.

Romantic holidays:

What could be more romantic than having your wedding on Valentine’s Day? There is aplethora of ways that you can decorate for a wedding based on the day of lovers, which could very well be a dream come true for a couple. You can have all the hearts and reds and pinks you want, and truly embrace the romance typical of Valentine’s Day. Consider having beautiful red, white and pink roses and heart-shaped sweets, like love hearts, and balloons at the festivities. Consider a red velvet wedding cake with contrasting white icing and decorative hearts. You have the creative freedom to go as wild and pink as you desire orbe a bit more subdued – with just the little heart decorated drink stirrers and sweets for guests.

New Year’s Eve is a time of new beginnings, a time to really forget about the past and move forward into the future. This can also be a great time to have a wedding which is, after all, acelebration of new beginnings and a new life together. New Year’s Eve often includes dressing up, wearing funny hats and glasses, and crackers and fireworks. Instead of fireworks you could have sparklers which are somewhat safer, and guests can be given crackers to pull. Champagne should also be readily available for guests for when the New Year is rung in.

Combining a wedding with a holiday can be a lot of fun and is aterrific way to make your wedding even more memorable!

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