The Absolute Guide to Black and White Wedding Photography – Part 2

When it comes to weddings, colored and digital photography have been all the rage especially with all the helpful tools that editing and photoshop can bring. All these digital technologies work hard to make your wedding moments perfect, literally. However, if what you want for your wedding is authentic people captured in their most emotional moments, maybe you should consider switching or at least adding black and white photography for your wedding day photos.

Capturing the Moment

Wedding photography is about composition – recreating the story of your wedding day by highlighting the best possible moments. These could be the tear on the father’s face as he walks his daughter down the aisle or the ideal moment of happiness between the couple as they first look at one another as husband and wife. Take away the noise of color, and you are left to focus on the essential.

Also, switching to black and white photography is an excellent way to take away the focus from imperfections that would be highlighted by color. Examples could be a reddened, crying face or freckles caused by sun exposure. With uncolored photos, the raw beauty of people could be more clearly seen.

Better with Difficult Lighting

Unlike colored photography, when taking photos, black and white photography focuses more on the dark and light elements in pictures and of course, in the natural setting. In cases where there might be inadequate lighting, developing the images as black and white can save the most prized shots.

If the photographer is also using a digital camera instead of an analog one, he could also be able to control how every shade of color transforms into black and white so the contrast seen in the final photograph would be excellent. As mentioned, bad lighting is not a problem in black and white photography. The shadows and light effects can be played up to create more dramatic, elegant, and unique photographs.

Printed Photos Last Longer

The purpose of the wedding album if for you to have all the beautiful memories of your wedding at the convenience of one book. Consequently, it is important for the photographs themselves to last for a very long time so that you can even show your grandchildren their grandparents’ wedding and retell the story of the day to them. Choosing black and white images and having them printed on fiber paper can be a more expensive choice but it will last for hundreds of years, enough for generations of your family to see you and your spouse and remember you by. Although the quality colored printed photos is being improved, they still tend to start degenerating after 50 years.

Black and White Photography Tricks

If you are uncertain about having your wedding photos entirely in black and white and losing the memories of the colorful flowers, dresses, and food, you do not have to worry as you can always choose to have the best of both worlds in your wedding photography. Your photographer is skillful enough to determine which moments are better printed in colored or in black and white. With the technology available for photo editing, it would be easy to convert photographs from colored to monochrome and vice versa.

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