The Absolute Guide to Black and White Wedding Photography – Part 1

A wedding album filled with the photographs of your special day is important memorabilia for you to keep through the years. You can easily look back at one of the happiest days of your life as you scroll through memory lane with the help of the beautiful pictures stored in your album. Ever since the advent of digital technology, the trend of wedding photography has been increasingly leaning on colored photography. The idea is that black and white photography could look vintage and old-fashioned and that – well, colors can simply make a picture pop.

However, here are a some reasons to help you reflect on why you should consider black and white photography for your wedding.

Focus on the Essential

Color can really make a picture pop – just imagine the bright pinks and yellows of the bridal flowers, the creams, and pastels of the bridesmaids’ gowns, and not to mention the pictures of colored food that look absolutely delicious. Colors are, but they can also be quite a distraction. Take away the color from a shot, and you can focus on what is really there.

Consider a colored photograph with the bride wearing her beautiful white wedding gown, and she is being assisted by her bridesmaids wearing dressing in popping colors. When you see the photograph as colored, you will not be able to focus on the bride. Capture the moment in black and white and the colors would no longer be a distraction to the real focus of the photograph: the touching moment as she looks at her reflection in the mirror as she gets ready for her big day.

Highlight More Emotions

Eliminating the noise of color in your wedding photos through black and white photography can also make the photos look more authentic. As mentioned before, you can highlight what is essential in the story that is being weaved in your photo album. Rather than how colorful everything is, you will be able to focus on the faces of the people and their raw emotions that come through in the photographs. Emotional moments are after all one of the memorable highlights of the wedding – the father’s face that is both sad and happy as he walks his daughter down the aisle, the tearful and loving embrace of mother and child, the first kiss between husband and wife, and their first wedding dance. When you photograph in black and in white, you capture the soul of the moment instead of just the colors that make it.

Timeless and Elegant

While browsing through fashion or bridal magazines, you may have come across several ads by Armani, Burberry, Replay, and Dolce & Gabbana. Perhaps you have stopped browsing to really look at the models and the clothes that they are wearing because the black and white photography makes the ads look really elegant and classy. The same tone of elegance and class can be captured in your wedding album if you choose to go with black and white photography.

Not to mention, with the absence of color in your photographs, they would look more timeless. It will be harder for people to point out the exact time and date that the pictures were taken. Imagine your grandchildren looking through your wedding album and looking at you and your spouse’s smiling faces looking classic in black and white.

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