Should You Pick Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding

Artificial flowers are making a space for themselves in today’s wedding culture. Same was not the case a few years ago. Artificial flowers were considered substandard and low quality. Through technology and a new mindset, the artificial flowers industry has snowballed in the last few years. It’s no longer the same fake-looking tacky flowers that you’ve seen over the years in the name of artificial flowers. The new era of artificial flowers consists of beautiful, real looking, relatively cheaper, and long-lasting artificial flowers which have come as an excellent alternative for fresh flowers.

Downsides to natural flowers

Most people still have some doubt in their minds regarding artificial flowers and opt for real flowers for their wedding. Indeed, the natural scent and beauty of fresh flowers are impossible to beat, but there are also some downsides. Fresh flowers are far more expensive in comparison to the artificial flowers, and they don’t last more than a few days at best. There are also cases when the fresh flowers are not available when you need them, and even if you find them, they’re far from their best.

Should You Pick Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding
Should You Pick Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding

Advantages of artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have come a long way from the time they were considered as the last option. There has been a considerable improvement in the quality and the way they look. Some people might not even be able to spot any difference between artificial and natural flowers. They smell the same as fresh flowers with the use of floral perfumes.

Other than being beautiful and closer to real flowers, there are a lot of other benefits too that come with artificial flowers, especially for weddings. Artificial flowers come in all kinds of shades, so it is easier for the bride to get flowers that go perfectly well with her attire. Also, the artificial flowers are allergy-free, so you won’t have any teary eyes or red face person (apart from if someone gets emotional) at the wedding. For the outdoor wedding lovers, you won’t have bugs or insects chasing your flowers and ruining them, as the artificial flowers don’t attract bugs.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get a particular variety of flowers that you want, because either they’re out of stock or it’s not their season. You won’t have these issues with artificial flowers. Another advantage of artificial flowers is that they can’t leave any stains on your wedding dress, which is always a fear of natural flowers. One of the most crucial benefits of artificial flowers is that you can keep them forever as a memento of your big day.

Types of artificial flowers

Silk flowers are the most basic type of flowers that everybody knows about whenever we talk about fake flowers. You can get a large variety of shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to silk flowers, but they won’t last forever and eventually fade away. Also, they don’t touch very real. Latex flowers can solve this problem for you as they look real and also last forever. But, they don’t usually have a large variety. The best quality artificial flowers are fresh touch flowers, which are made up of latex and foam. They’re available in many types, look as close to real as you can get, and also last forever.

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