Preparing for The Bridal Party Speeches

Preparing for The Bridal Party Speeches
Preparing for The Bridal Party Speeches

You’ve most likely been through a boring wedding speech that you’ve already forgotten. But you won’t have to be a professional speaker if you want to give your speech that people will enjoy and remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a groom speech or a best man speech. The first thing that you’ll have to decide is what you want to say. The next thing that you’ll need to decide is the delivery of the speech. If you’re looking to better prepare for bridal party speeches, then look no further than this article.

Cue Cards Are Your Friend

You shouldn’t be relying on memorizing your whole speech unless you’re someone who’s a professional actor. But reading all of it out will be a bore for your guests. You should be using cue cards, but you should get familiar with your speech so that you’d only need a few cue cards. When you give your speech, people won’t think it’s being read precisely word for word, but your cue cards will help you remember the key points. Also, no one knows what your whole speech is supposed to be, so you shouldn’t worry about forgetting a line or more.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Going too fast during a speech is something that a nervous speaker does that ruins their speeches. They don’t let the points sink in for the audience or giving them time to laugh by pausing for a while sometimes. The audience has to take their time to catch onto what the speech is about, and they won’t be able to laugh. If you don’t get the reactions that you’re hoping for, then you’ll panic, and that leads to you getting nervous and speeding up. Speakers that are experienced still feel like speeding up their speeches. You shouldn’t speak too fast no matter what, or else you’ll get yourself into a mess. The best way to deliver a bridal party speech is by giving it slowly and steadily.

Show The World You’re Confident

Before your speech, breathe deeply and smile. Then when you’re delivering your speech, make sure you’re standing up straight. Don’t let how you feel influence your thoughts. You should be trying to keep yourself looking confidence so that the audience will like you from before the speech even starts. If you’re reading from cue cards, make sure to look at your audience now and then. If you have eye contact with your audience, they’ll feel like you’re talking directly with them. It will help with when you pause. Try to move around the area if possible, but don’t sway to the sides. Move your hands and make gestures sometimes. Use a prop if it makes you more comfortable. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile.

Relax And Enjoy Yourself

Wait for the laughs if you’re expecting the audience to laugh. When they do laugh, make sure to wait until they stop laughing before you continue your speech. Also, when someone interrupts you, take advantage of it, even more so with the funny interruptions. When there’s an interruption, you’ll get some time to think, and people will most likely remember that your speech had people laughing. Keep in mind that the audience wants to enjoy the speech you give, so don’t worry and relax.

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