Mobile Phone Photography Tips for Weddings

Weddings are known to be one of the most popular occasions where photographs are taken. This is the reason why people come dressed in beautiful clothes, as well, because they want to look their best in the photos that are saved and handed down in history. Professional camera holders, alone previously took photos. These days smartphones have digital cameras, and they have taken over the world of pictures. In lots of weddings nowadays you will find people with their phones taking photos when the ceremony is being conducted. However, not every photograph that you take at a wedding will come out professionally. Knowing a thing or two about taking pictures will help you bring out that much desired professional effect in your photos at weddings.

Understand Your Phone’s Camera Features

Your phone should have a high megapixel(MP) that can capture photos in high definitions. The higher the MP, the higher the quality of the picture taken. If you are a fan of selfies, you can get one of the many latest smartphones best suited for its front-camera features.

Phone Camera Lens Needs Cleaning

Since you place your phone in several places, the lens of the camera might get dirty. This will result in blurry photos. Clean your lens thoroughly before the wedding day and on the day if possible. Sometimes, you won’t notice the dirt on the camera till you see the photos on a different device. Therefore, always make sure you have a spotless lens and screen. You can clean it with a soft cloth, to remove the accumulated dust and grease. The difference after cleaning will have amazing effects on the photos taken.

Understand the Camera Settings

It is essential to learn about the phone’s camera settings. It will help you not to use the camera on default mode, but give you the freedom to adjust the settings for better photos. You can investigate the different modes on the phone. Master the modes that would work for you to produce quality photos. Consider checking the Industry Standards Organization aka ISO in your settings and explore it for better pictures.

The Cameras Composition

Framing and setting your picture for a fantastic photograph, is very important. Especially at a wedding, it needs to be at its best. For good composition, you will break down the photo both parallel and perpendicularly into a nine-sectioned lattice. The object in the frame should be at the center and should be at points which are intersecting. This allows for a very memorable photo.

Lighting Really Matters

For a good photo, you need to consider the light in your environment and the subject of the pictures. The lighting of your phone should be good to take a good view of the couple. The light source and where it is from is also another thing you should consider. The better the source of light the better the quality of the photos.

Utilize different Applications

There are so many photography apps that give you awesome filters and presets. These apps will enable you to add filters or even adjust your sharpness to the level you want. Some of the editing photo apps are Snapsees, Prisma, PicsArt among others.

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