Low-Cost Live Band for Weddings

Music can bring a lot of difference to a dull ambiance, and a live band for wedding sets the right tone and mood for the entire day. The musical centerpieces enhance the wedding proceedings and complement the wedding perfectly. It acts as a catalyst helping the atmosphere to come alive with energy. However, finding a live band for a wedding within your budget is certainly a complication. A handy guide to help you in your decision making with a live band for weddings is listed below.

Role of The Band During The Entire Evening

Be crystal-clear with the band on what you want. Many live bands coming for weddings take an active part in your wedding proceedings. It is best you make their roles clear, so they know if you want them to announce the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception venue or if they have to restrict themselves to background music. Also, specify if you want the band to play your first dance song. You also must ensure if the DJ hired will communicate and interact with the audience or if the band will. Do you want them to play music according to the atmosphere enveloping the day or if you want them to participate in playing a set list for the night without interruption? Get these things right when you engage them as this will affect the budget. The cheapest option will be to have one of your friends or family be the MC for the evening and ask the band to give you a set of music that they will perform for the night.

Book Local

If you can’t find a suitable band near where you live, get one within the local area where the venue is located. They will come at the best price, as accommodation and travel fees can be excluded. Generally, the bands are happy to play at local venues as it is actually very convenient for them and they also get to pocket a large chunk of the income without expenses. Get a professional band close to the wedding venue location but within your budget.

Considering Students, Stay Cautious

Wedding-planning couples who consider hiring hobbyists or students for a live band can cut corners with expenses, but hiring the local college student’s band is a bit risky as they are unreliable. Instead, hiring live band students from music schools is recommended as they are performers even if they are practicing and are much better than hobby student musicians. 

Consider a Solo Supplier

You may be looking for a small trio or duo for a low-cost live band wedding arrangement. However, if you are unable to find someone, it is enough to look for a solo performer. Consider booking a classical guitarist or a harpist. These solo artists are least expensive and are viable alternatives offering your guests that much desired live music vibe. 

Book Mid-Week

Plan your wedding date in the middle of the week. This is the best way to get possible deals on the venue, food, decor, photography and the band too. Live bands are in high demand on the weekends. Thus, it is advised to look to book during mid-week. The artists may be busy with part-time work or other work commitments in a week, but the availability of a band mid-week is a real possibility even for the most wanted bands. You can get them at a reasonable cost too.

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