Ideas for Using a GoPro for Wedding Photos

A GoPro at a wedding offers everything that you can dream about in making the wedding shots look cool. If you haven’t yet thought about using the GoPro at your wedding, then read-on, because you are sure going to change your mind and use one. These cameras are usually used in adventurous action videos. It’s not surprising to see these cameras used at wedding ceremonies since they provide an exclusive outlook of the happenings. The cameras also allow you to have a possible experience throughout the wedding. You can actually strap the camera on your forehead or your neck, and you are good to go.

The following are some creative ideas that you can apply to your wedding while using GoPro cameras:

  1. Passing the GoPro around – This is the most exciting part of using the camera. Every guest is allowed to record their best part of the wedding. After a guest has recorded his part,  they pass it to the next guest. This continues until everyone has had their share of the video. This method is also beneficial to you since your guests can capture every detail of the wedding. Unlike the videographer who can miss out on some memorable parts.
  2. Kid or Pet GoPro – This camera has negligible risks and can be entrusted to either a child or a pet. You can hang the camera around the neck of your child or a dog and let them capture the funny parts of the wedding. Since it is a pet or a child, you may need to adjust the camera to capture taller subjects. After the modifications, you will be able to enjoy the fun parts of the wedding.
  3. Consider the Point of View of the Groomsman and Bridesmaids – It will be a good idea if you put the camera on either the groomsman or a bridesmaid. The reason behind is that they take up positions which are strategic during the wedding. With the GoPro camera on your most trusted people at the wedding, you can be assured of recording every part of the wedding. You are comfortable that all the most needed parts you require are captured. The groomsman can also move to positions that will make the video more entertaining.
  4. The video time reduction of the wedding proceedings – This special camera has a time tumble feature that allows you to take videos that are great and amazing. You can basically place the camera at a proper height and leave the rest to it. It will capture amazing videos especially of the decorations and the wedding stage. When utilized correctly you won’t miss out on the crucial parts of the ceremony.

When using a GoPro, you can consider hiring it or buying one as a pre-wedding gift to yourself. There is always a use for GoPros when you start life as a married couple. An investment or just as a wedding tool, this camera is sure to add spice to your video memories of your special days.

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