How to Throw the Perfect Wedding Shower for the Bride

It is important to be well organized and plan everything well in advance for a wedding shower. Even if you plan a small one in somebody’s home, it can be a lot more work than you initially thought.
There are some things you must to consider making sure it is the perfect event. A good idea is to ask yourself the following questions first and then use the answers to guide your planning.

Is the shower going to be a surprise?

If you want it to be a surprise, then you need to carefully consider what the bride would like. Normally, the maid of honor plans the party so, in theory, you know the person well enough, but maybe you can get more insight into what the bride would like by asking for input from friends and family. If it’s not a surprise, then you can get ideas straight from the bride herself.

How many people are on the invite list?

This will probably influence where the shower will be held. Ask yourself, does the bride want a large gathering with all her acquaintances and family or would she rather something with just a few of her most intimate friends?

What would she prefer? Where will you hold the wedding shower?

You can choose to hold a shower at somebody’s house or you can have it at a restaurant or other venue. Some restaurants may even cater for a shower and help you to organize it as well. Of course, this can become very expensive, so keep an eye on your budget. However, they can do most of the organizing for you and take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Who will pay for the shower?

As previously mentioned, a bridal shower can be an expensive affair and it is not really fair for one person to pay for everything unless they are willing to do so. This is where coming together as a group of friends and family can be beneficial. You could divide up the work and costs of the event. To have an affordable shower, it would be best to have it at someone’s house and maybe have everybody bring something. For instance, you could have a potluck dinner.

Should there be a theme?

If you know the wedding theme and colors, then you can plan to coordinate with that if you want. This may require a bit more organization, but if you involve your friends it needn’t be a hassle. Were you hire a company to do all the planning, then you will not have the worry but it will get expensive. You do not have to have a theme though, just be sure to come up with some fun activities for everybody to do.
Planning a bridal shower does not need to be stressful or overly expensive especially if you ask yourself the above questions. Knowing what the bride likes is vital, especially if she is not involved.

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