How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most important things to do when you are planning your wedding is to decide what dress to buy. There are many factors that come into play, including what your sense of style is. For example, ask yourself whether you like frills or straight lines, on the shoulder or off the shoulder?


Think about what you will feel comfortable in; then you also need to consider your body size and what types of dresses are available in your size. It is important to choose stores that have a range of styles in your body size. Of course, you can hire somebody to custom-make a wedding dress for you. Not everybody can afford this though, and budget may have a strong influence on the dress you choose.

Your body shape is important when it comes to finding the perfect wedding attire because designs can work to deemphasize parts of your body that you would rather have hidden. At the same time, the design can act to accentuate certain features and help to flatter your figure. A wedding is an expensive affair and you need to be careful to not overspend but at the same time you do not want to feel like you have cheated and deprived yourself.


You should think about whether you want embroidery on the gown and consider the neckline. Remember that most people will be noticing what the gown looks like from the waist up, so do not ignore the top part of the dress. Generally, a more formal wedding ceremony would mean a longer dress. The choice of it should match with the venue. If you are having an outdoor wedding or a ceremony in a barn, then a more formal dress may not be as important compared to if you are having a traditional wedding ceremony in a church.

Time of the year when the wedding is taking place will also have an impact. In summer time it is hotter, so you would be better off choosing dresses of a lighter fabric, such as chiffon, to keep you cooler. In winter you can use attire of thicker material to keep you warmer.

It is recommended that you look for a wedding dress early in the morning before a store becomes crowded. It is important that you think carefully and try on as many dresses as necessary when making your decision. Remember that the wedding dress should be your choice! So, do not let friends and family make your decision for you. It is your special day and you need a dress that you know you will feel good in. There is nothing wrong with hearing suggestions from other people, but make sure you are not bullied into something that does not feel right for you.

A few points then that you should definitely take into account when you choose a wedding dress:

  1. What type of ceremony will it be? Formal or informal?
  2. What time of year will the wedding take place in?
  3. What is your body shape and preferred style?
  4. What is your body size?
  5. What is your budget?

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