How to Be a Good Bridesmaid

It is important to be a good bridesmaid and support and encourage the bride as she prepares for her big day. There are some crucial steps you should follow when you have bridesmaid’s duties.

  • Give support – remember it is the bride’s day and is about what she wants.

It is very important that you play a supportive and encouraging role. It is okay to state your opinion of something, but you should do so in a tactful and diplomatic way so that the bride does not get upset. For example, if you disagree with the choice of the color scheme, then maybe suggest an alternative rather than simply being overly critical. After all, you do not want to add to the stress the bride is under. Be available to help the bride overcome her worries and stress. She may have periods of time when she needs somebody to lean on and to calm her down. A good bridesmaid would make the time to help her friend out.

  • Help the bride with various duties

Much of your role as a bridesmaid is to help the bride to choose a wedding dress, host a wedding shower and also help organize the wedding rehearsal dinner. On the wedding day you should assist the bride in getting ready and help with any last-minute grooming. If you are the maid of honor, you are in charge of coordinating all the bridesmaids and their fittings as well. You will likely have to help with many of the wedding preparations so be prepared to spend considerable time on the planning and organization the ceremony and the reception.

  • Offer to help the bride in any way that she needs

A good bridesmaid will volunteer to accompany the bride, not only when she goes looking for wedding dresses, but also potential venues for the reception. Make sure that the bride can contact you at all times and be ready to pitch in and help. If the bride cannot decide on something maybe help her come up with a list of pros and cons. This way she can come to a decision with your help. However, be careful not to force your ideas and desires on her – it is her day after all.

  • Remain clear headed at all times

It is important that, as a bridesmaid, you do not get drunk and out of control at the reception. The last thing you want is to spoil the wedding. Remember that the bride is depending on you to help out and if something goes wrong then you are the person who needs to be calm and clear headed.

  • Have an emergency kit

You should be prepared for small emergencies such as a torn dress. Make yourself a small kit that contains items such as deodorant, bobby pins, safety pins, needle and thread, fashion tape and even breath mints.
Being a bridesmaid can be stressful but do remember it is an honor to be chosen and that your friend is relying on you to help them.

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