Gift Ideas for Flower Girls and Pageboys

Flower girls and pageboys are the youngest and well, one of the most adorable members of any wedding entourage. They might be lively and innocent in their roles but the couple to be married or their intended wedding organizers can always show their appreciation by preparing gifts for these youngsters. Here are some thoughtful gifts you can give your little helpers.

Box of Treats

Children who are assigned to be flower girls and pageboys at weddings tend to be very young, around 5 to 10 years of age. Typically, children in this age bracket tend to favor sweets and chocolate treats. A wonderful gift for the flower girl or page boy at your wedding would be a beautifully decorated container full of their favorite candies and treats.

Another idea is to gift them personalized cookies, cakes, or cupcakes, that would remind them of their day and thank them in their role at the wedding. These treats would be really be appreciated by the kids as they are thoughtful and delicious at the same time.

Pieces of Jewelry

Simple pieces of jewelry can also be excellent gift ideas for flower girls and pageboys. For the girls, most notably, there are a lot of jewelry varieties that would be suitable as gifts. Princess tiaras are a favorite when it comes to little girls, and they might remind them of Disney princesses. You can also gift your flower girl with other more common jewelry that they can wear for special occasions such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

For pageboys, there are also some suitable jewelry pieces such as cufflinks that they could wear until they become adults. Another is customized pins that would remind them of their childhood experience as a pageboy at your wedding.

Adorable Clothes and Accessories

Another gift idea for the children in your wedding entourage is to give them wearable accessories. For flower girls, there are accessories out there that you could choose from that they could wear to match the other children at the wedding. Small tote bags, honorary flower girl hoodies, bathrobes, and ribbons can be excellent choices.

For pageboys, customized socks, shoes, neckties, or little bow ties would be a really sweet gift. Not to mention, they are completely practical as they could complete their ensemble for the wedding.

Loveable Toys

Since they are children, one of the most obvious choices for gift ideas would be to give them toys that they could play with. Your flower girls would absolutely love miniature dolls of themselves and teddy bears with their name sewn on the bears’ shirts. For pageboys, on the other hand, there are also a lot of possible ideas such as yoyos with an engraving of their names, miniature toy vehicles, or action figures.

Memorable Keepsakes

Other than the ideas mentioned above, keepsakes suitable for children can be a great thank you present for your flower girls and pageboys. If they love nature and the outdoors, you can gift them with small potted plants that would be easy for children to take care of. A practical but memorable gift would be personalized mugs that they could use for breakfast each morning. Handkerchiefs with stitched messages are excellent gifts as well, especially if they are filled with your gratitude and best wishes for the child and his or her’s future.

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