Getting Fitted for Your Wedding Day – Wedding Dress Alterations

Selecting your wedding dress is as exciting as the wedding itself and does not stop there. You may have your dream wedding dress style readily picked out, yet there is a need to schedule one dress fitting session, at least. This is required to see if there is any alteration needed and to check if the dress fits your body perfectly. The general practice is to choose a dress 6 to 8 months before the wedding date. Thus each bride has enough time to set multiple fitting sessions. It is essential to consider a few things regarding the fittings of your wedding dress, and they are listed below.

When Should I Go For My Dress Fittings?

  • Firstly, wait for the gown to arrive. Schedule your first fitting about 6 to 8 weeks before your big day, so that the alterations are taken care of. 
  • As you are leaving the first session, it is best to schedule a second fitting, and this will be a month before the wedding date to work on fixes and the alterations.
  • If required you may also consider a third and final fitting just 1 or 2 weeks ahead of your wedding date. Thus, you can be sure your wedding dress fits you precisely and is perfect for your big day.

Number of Fittings to Schedule

There is no need to follow any rule about the number of fittings to be scheduled. It depends entirely on the alterations that your wedding gown needs. Typically, brides schedule at least one fitting, and it may reach up to three fittings. On receiving your dress and going for the first fitting, you should identify the number of fixes required to make it a perfect fit. You may schedule your sessions based on this idea. As this is your big day, do not worry about the number of fittings to be scheduled. It is crucial to have the fittings set perfectly so that your dress fits you the way you want it to. If you are working on losing weight until the big day, you must schedule fittings up to the last week that is just one week before your wedding day, so that you have a perfect fit.

What to Expect From A Fitting?

The fitting of your wedding gown is time-consuming, and the first wedding dress fitting session lasts for at least an hour, and at this time you can point out all the fixes and adjustments required. Ensure the gown is in the correct color, size, style, and design. Meet the seamstress and work on your fitting until the final big day. Your seamstress will mold the gown shape to your body. Even when your seamstress is working, you can see the way your dress looks. In case you find anything unconvincing, ask your seamstress to do any necessary alterations. After this initial fitting, the following fittings are always simpler. With each fitting session, see if your requests have been fulfilled. Double check the previous fitting and the new fitting, if it required.

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