Fun Best Man Attire

At the wedding ceremony

Many people will decide to go with the traditional suit and tie when it comes to dressing for the wedding. However, even if all the men in the groom’s party wear suits, there is nothing to stop them from giving it a fun and quirky twist. We have listed some suggestions to spice up the traditional wardrobe.

The best man and/or the all the groomsmen could each wear a different superhero undershirt. Each person canchoose which superhero they want to be. There are also superhero cufflinks and socks if you want to be subtler. They can wear this as a whole ensemble or not – either way, the undershirts will make for some light hearted moments when itcomes to taking the photos and would make for some enjoyable memories for the bride and groom when they look back on their wedding day.

The groom’s wedding party can also all wear brightly colored socks, which do not necessarily have to be matching either. Each person can select their own zany, brightly-colored footwear to wear, or else they can all choose to wear the samecolor as the theme. These might not be seen until they sit down, but it is a fun way to add a pop of color to an otherwise ordinary suit.

Ifa wedding is very informal, then there will be more chances to step away from traditional attire, but you would have to check that both the bride and groomare okay with your choices. Let’s not forget that it is their big day and you don’t want to run the risk of ruining it for them. It would be a nice gesturefor the best man to have personalized cufflinks that say “best man” on them.

At the bachelor party

Ifthe bride and groom are not keen on the best man and groomsmen dressing incostumes or even having the superhero undershirts or bright socks, then it isprobably best to reserve the fun clothing for the bachelor party. Here there isa lot more flexibility in what you can wear; and you won’t upset the bride, which, of course, is of utmost importance. There are humorous t-shirts andother costumes that the best man can choose to wear at the bachelor party. For example, you can get a t-shirt that says “Relax I’m the best man! Strippers & booze sorted”.

There are many other types of t-shirts with whimsical sayings and prints on them thatyou can get for your best man. You could even go for a custom print. For example, a t-shirt with a fake tie on it or “The Best Man” written in the style of Batman.

For the bachelor party the best man can really go all out and have a lot of fun with how he dresses. He may even choose a brightly-colored party suit since he will be the “ringmaster” of the whole event. There is also attire with fun sayings for the groom so this would also be a nice idea for the bachelor party.

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