Fun and Engaging Activities Between The Wedding and Reception

Weddings are hectic and can also get boring with the usual activities. In fact, between the wedding and the reception, there is a need for the guests and the newlyweds to freshen up for the evening. This gap is the best time to give yourselves a breather, and a chance to keep the guests relaxed and entertained. Organizing simple activities ensure your guests do not have to wait restlessly at the reception venue or sit in their cars for hours. Here are a few ideas to entertain guests between the wedding ceremony and reception:

Host an in-between Event

Rent a space nearby and arrange a casual activity such that all the guests partake. Lawn games along with a simple lemonade drink or even a bonfire with hot cocoa and tea, in case the wedding is during the colder months. You can have an acoustic guitarist or a simple photo backdrop; it need not even be elaborate. The aim is to keep your guests together, entertained, and comfortable until the reception begins. This way, you will come across as a bridal party that has concern for the guests attending your reception too.

Photo Booth

Rent a photo booth to entertain your guests. This is perfect evening entertainment. You may put fake mustaches, funny props, and dorky glasses out. The guests will consider a wide selection of props for photos. Get perfectly-posed pictures; make a separate guest book with photos inside and get two copies of each photograph so that you can send one to the guest, as well.

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Consider a big group game and a scavenger hunt. This will be an excellent choice, as you can also come up with hunting for a list of items to find including photos, mini-activities, places to visit and give away a prize or two to keep the friendly competition going on. Divide the guests into teams and allow the fun to continue.

Signature Appetizer(s) and Drinks

If the wedding ceremony and the reception have a gap of over an hour, you can serve a signature drink and light appetizers.  Also, hire a local food truck to provide snacks in the downtime. This will keep your guests gratified, and they will not be hungry and angry by the start of the reception.

City Tour

For gaps between the wedding and reception that has two and more hours, it is best to organize a city tour for the guests. This will take them to exciting sights around. Renting a vehicle saves the time for the guests preventing them from idling. Give your local guests a carriage ride around the venue which will keep them entertained.

Extended Cocktail Hour

If you are considering entertaining your guests traditionally before the reception, you may host an extended cocktail hour. You can offer a variety of selection of beverages, including non-alcoholic options. You may even provide a creative menu including mocktails for the initial part of the event. To keep the celebrations going all you need to do is focus on organizing correctly, Plan activities suitable to for your budget while making sure everyone is having a memorable time.

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