Essential Photo Gear for Wedding Photographers

Essential Photo Gear for Wedding Photographers

As a photographer, doing a wedding shoot can be a big task. Since there is no room for mistakes or errors, you would want to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all the necessary gadgets and accessories in your photo gear are handy. However, it could be challenging to know the right pieces of equipment that must be included in your kit. Granted no package is perfect; nevertheless, some tools are must-haves and discussing these gadgets is what the heart of this article is all about.

Recommended Camera

We will start with the recommended camera you should employ as a wedding photographer. Use a camera that has the Canon 5D Mark IV: This is a fantastic wedding camera. If you are not able to get this camera or can’t afford one, the 5D Mark II is an also excellent choice with exceptional image quality.

Also, you need to get a second camera as a back-up. This is apposite because should your primary camera malfunction at an essential point in the wedding and you have no backup camera; you will be blamed for being responsible for the loss of some crucial memories.

Lenses to Buy


You can buy any one of these: 70-200 f/2.8; 85 f/1.8; 50 f/1.4 or 35 f/1.4. Let’s look at the features of each briefly.


This is the darling of wedding photographers as it’s mainly utilized for taking ceremony shots.


This is a lovely lens for taking portrait images. It is ideal for the speeches, the ceremony, and so on.


Every photographer must possess this pro lens. It is fantastic in all situations and in taking every form of portraits, detail shots, mid-length ceremony shots, etc.


This lens is the widest in the set mentioned above. It is perfect for taking pictures for photojournalists or capturing images in a full portrait mode.

Accessories You Need for Wedding Photography

Yes, the two most crucial components of your photo gear as a wedding photographer are your camera as well as lenses. However, if you don’t have the necessary accessories, you could find things very daunting. Summarized below are a few gadgets that you need to include in your kit for wedding photography:

Video Light

This is a great flashlight used for lighting ring shots as well as other details for the reception.


You need a tripod for taking slow shutter speeds.



Halls for reception is dark; you need to own the Canon 580EX to bounce flash.

Flash Battery Pack

Make use of these with your flash to recycle rapidly. They are essential in scenarios like speeches as well as first dances.

Flash Diffuser

This is useful at times when you are not able to bounce flash (such as in very tall ceilings or outside); a flash diffuser will assist in softening up direct flash. Flip-it, Stofen, LightSphere or an index card will be great for this.

Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Ensure you have enough of these to last you for the entire day. Choose top brands such as SanDisk in essential situations like weddings.


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