Easter Inspired Wedding Ideas

Easter is a beautiful time for a wedding. This is the time everyone is in the celebration mood and spring is at its best. With Easter being around the corner, if you plan an April wedding, creating an Easter wedding is perfect with inspiration taken from the holiday.

Easter Attire

An Easter wedding relates to dressing up in feminine style gowns created in pretty pastel colors. To add a splash, invest in accessories that give you the upper hand, while you also ensure to keep the traditional bridal style. You can get your bridesmaids also to wear mismatched pastel shades and ask your groom to wear pastels with colorful pocket squares and a tie.

Flowers and Cake

With a spring wedding, you will have enough choices for your big day’s bouquet. Especially tulips and daffodils for Easter make great choices. Your wedding cake can also be a part of the décor. It can feature embellished designs from bright-blooms to pastel-painted ones. You can also consider any chic cake. However, considering it is an Easter theme make sure to play with Easter colors by creating a delicious and rustic yellow base cake.  Design the finer details, add a few bright colors, offer a vintage touch and personalize your day with earthy color palettes and woodland-inspired designs. Of course, Easter eggs are a must, so ensure your wedding design has Easter eggs incorporated, maybe arrange a mini Easter egg table.

Wedding Decoration

  • Easter trees may be decorated as a welcome arrangement or even as a seasonal centerpiece. Wrap with pastel ribbons and do not forget a cake that has Easter bunting for a topper.
  • Also, have an excellent backdrop for your special day for the complete rustic wedding venue. Choose pretty colors and mix up blues, pinks, greens, and purples to get the best effect.  Opt for a classic combination of green and yellow or pink and purple.
  • Add spring flowers in pastel jars to get that fabulous rustic look. Also, use string, hessian, and lace to bring the actual texture to your decoration. Give a new twist by placing the place-cards, set in nests made using twigs.

Themed Food and Drink

Having Easter as a celebratory occasion, you can start with pretty cocktails to match the color scheme. Ensure that pinks and lemons are the primary color. For dinner, tuck into a delicious lamb feast, but do not miss out the seasonal favorites such as spring greens and minted Jersey Royals. Also recommended is the afternoon tea. Your food favors may be themed with cute Easter cake-pops and potted mini eggs. Kinder surprise eggs also are a great idea, and your littlest guests will be sure to love you for it. 

For the Kids

Ensure your wedding is kid-friendly by providing food and entertainment for the little ones. This will keep their parents happy and relaxed as well. After the ceremony, serve the kids mini milk drinks without fail, accompanied by Easter cookies, and the adults can have cocktails and canapés. Speaking about entertainment, a great idea to keep everyone entertained is to arrange an Easter egg hunt considering the wedding venues are spacious.

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