Creative Ways to Plan a Sustainable Wedding

Weddings are there to be celebrated and to be forever remembered. Every couple has several plans when it comes to executing their most cherished day as a couple. Planning a wedding ceremony and everything that it entails, is not an easy task. It needs your commitment and utmost seriousness in every detail of the wedding. As a couple, you can plan your wedding, or you can hire a wedding planner to do it for you. Either way, the wedding planned, should be sustainable.

The list below shows some creative ways you should consider for a sustainable wedding. They include:


  • It will be cost saving in terms of transport if you have the wedding service and the reception at the same venue.
  • The guest list should not exceed the budget that you have set aside for the transport.
  • The best means of travel you can offer your guests is by offer bus shuttle timetables or carpools.


  • The lights should be amazing and colorful. You can use LED types of light for energy saving during the wedding activities.
  • They have the right amount of brightness which will complement the wedding decor, no matter what theme you select.
  • You can also consider candles. Candles always have a way to make the atmosphere, romantic.
  • Solar lights are also useful because they consume less energy and still deliver the kind of lighting you require.


  • A wedding can never be complete without gifts that both the couple receive and give the wedding guests.
  • If you are the generous couple, you can ask the guests to bring along some donation. The donations can go to a charity or wherever you decide to use them.
  • In case you decide to take physical gifts, you can consider a homegrown shop for your registry. The gifts can come unwrapped to save on paper.

The Venue

  • You should choose a venue which is attractive
  •  and memorable.
  • Conducting both the ceremony and reception at the same venue is an advantage, financially.
  • It will also put you at a position where you can save a lot of money that can be used after the wedding.

Food and Drinks

  • Depending on the guests invited, the food should be for all and not to be wasted.
  • The number of guests can be taken in advance, and the budget for food and drinks should be calculated in detail.
  • Consider local food suppliers and quenchers, to avoid other transportation costs.


  • Even though they are essential, you can really end up spending the most on your decorations.
  • By finding a decoration team that reuses items can be less expensive. Reuse doesn’t mean it lacks quality, so don’t be afraid to ask for the option where available.


  • Flowers always paint a beautiful picture at weddings
  • Depending on the season of your wedding you can find a local florist.
  • The florist can provide you with some of the best flowers that would match the colors of your wedding.
  • After the wedding celebration, you can preserve them rather than tossing them away.

Bottom line

A sustainable wedding is not that hard to plan. Consider the above creative ways and details that can help you achieve your dream wedding. Remember, there is always life even after the wedding ceremony, go for what you can afford.

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