Covering All the Clauses in The Wedding Photography Contract

Picking the perfect photographer to do the wedding shoot implies that couples have to sign a contract before engaging any photographic services. The business is about observing legalities in several areas, and so, there is a need for a photography contract to lay out all expectations, clearly. The contract is a way of protecting yourself as a photographer and your clients, besides understanding that you know what to expect of this working relationship. The clauses in a photo contract should include:

Basic Information

This consists of the necessary contact information of both parties agreeing and other essential info that will help in the communication aspects. The information will consist of:

  • Bride/Groom (client) contact info
  • Fiancé’s details
  • Detailed description of the variety of services needed (hours required for the wedding shoot and other photo services)
  • Event details
  • Signature placeholders

Working Hours

Both the parties need to agree on the start and end time of the photography services, and this needs to be written on the contract so that there is no misunderstanding or confusion. However, the photographer is expected to give some time here and there as the bride may take an extra hour to get ready.

The rate per hour charged needs to be considered and even included in the contract. There may be situations where the photographer is required to spend some extra time with the couple; however, knowing the rate per hour will help in avoiding any further discussions and bargaining.

The Money Matters

The price a photographer is quoting is a crucial factor, and so the agreement should include the total cost. It helps in breaking down the values on each line item such that the client knows what they are paying for, exactly.  It is beneficial also to write the price in the contract so that the additional items if added can be accounted for, with ease. If there is a requirement for shooting images in massive quantities, it is best to state it in the contract as well. Even if some photos will be deleted later, specify the terms in the contract. Once accepted, both the parties may sit together and consider the deletion.

Payment Terms

The payment terms should be clear so that stress can be avoided. It is also best to secure a deposit before you sign the contract to ensure that the couple has the photographer booked for the required date. Write the payment terms including: 

  • How much the client owes and how much deposit has been made
  • Expected payment deadlines
  • Accepted payment forms and how it should be made
  • Non-payment policy, insufficient funds, and bounced checks policy

Deliverables Agreed To

Every wedding photography contract should include the rates decided on, and the services promised for the selected prices. You also need to indicate if you will include a digital copy of all the images or just the best shots. It is also good to add if you are allowed, the option of choosing around 500 to 1000 images from the files.

Delivery Dates

In this era of social media, images from events are expected on the same day or the next day. The wedding photographs take time to process in comparison to the photos snapped on a Smartphone. This is precisely why you should mention the delivery dates in the wedding photography contract, as well.

Failure to Comply Clause

You will be protected from legal issues if you state in the contract a clause indicating what the steps would be if anything untoward happens and the wedding is canceled. Lastly, it is not just enough to keep a contract ready; it is also vital to follow the terms indicated in the contract.

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