Cool Best Man Gift Ideas

The best man doesa lot for the groom and, often, the groom wants to get his friend something special as a thank you for all his efforts in helping to make the wedding amemorable event. There are various ideas for cool gifts you can give to your best man but it may be difficult to pick the perfect item since there are so many to choose from. You may need to think carefully about his interests and base your choice on that. Some gifts willsuit almost anyone, while others will be better for men who have specific interests.

A safe bet

Possibly the safest bet for pretty much everyone is a personalized watch. You have the option of a wooden watch or a metal one that is engraved with the best man’s initials. Another option is to give a nice black bamboo watch and cufflinks gift set. Speaking of which, cufflinks are also another safe choice – these can also bear yourbest man’s initials and the date of your wedding.

For the outdoors man

Perfect for the outdoorsy bestman is a hatchet, with an engraving of your choice. If he likes to go camping and hunting, such gift might be ideal. Along the same lines, an engraved hunting knife – check out the amazing tool that is the Kniper – or a compass, even a personalized stainless steel flask would be awesome gifts for the avidout doorsman. If your best man is a fisherman, then a fishing rod may be a good option too.

Drinking buddies

If you and your best man have been drinking buddies for some time, then you will know what he likes. This makes it easy to choose a beverage or a gift set that suits his tastes.

There isa large assortment of alcohol gift sets that you can choose from. A pewtertankard can be monogrammed with the text that resonates with the receiver. There is also the option to buy a set of beer mugs along with a bottle opener.

Most men appreciate a nice drink now and then, and this is a great way to show your appreciation for the support your friend provides. You could buy them a scotchand bourbon gift set, or maybe they would prefer a whiskey set. One can also find elegant hip flasks and shot glasses that your buddy will no doubt be grateful for.


Your best man may be someone who likes to light up on occasion. If so, then maybe a gift of cigars is theway to go. You can get a personalized cigar box or buy a gift set that includes cigars and a small liquor flask and/or cigar cutter. There are various options you can consider here.

There are a variety of really cool gifts you can choose from for yourbest man – would he appreciate a candy hamper?

It really comes down to what he likes and what he would enjoy getting. The most important thing is that the gift is useful and will be a lasting reminder of your friendship.

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