Choosing Wedding Flowers by Their Meaning

A wedding without flowers isn’t always the best way forward. They bring life, color, fragrance, and beauty to any wedding day celebration. You can pick your wedding flowers to match the theme for your wedding such as roses for vintage-styled weddings, calla lilies for more traditional ones, and perhaps, sunflowers and daisies for a more country-themed wedding.

Wedding flowers can be more than just decorations. They can also be symbolic representations of your good intentions and hope for your future. The Victorians in 19th-century England popularized the meanings behind flowers as a secret language for their lovers. Since then, flowers have been used in several occasions, especially at weddings, to carry beautiful messages. Here is a guide about the meanings behind some of the most popular wedding flowers in the UK.


The rose is a flower for all romantic occasions. Each of its many colors can have different meanings. The ever-popular red rose symbolizes beauty, passion, and love; while white roses can have a more demure meaning as they symbolize youthfulness, innocence, and purity. Pink roses mean gentleness, grace, and admiration; and the peach-colored ones represent sincerity and gratitude.


Carnations are beautiful flowers that are making a comeback as the wedding flower of choice. They also come in a variety of shades with different meanings. Light red carnations represent admiration, while deep red ones mean affection and deep love. White carnations profess pure love and good luck. Avoid striped carnations as they mean rejection for a love that cannot be shared.


Tulips are iconic flowers because of their unique shape and vibrant colors. By themselves, tulips promise deep and perfect love. Individually, pink tulips mean happiness and confidence, while yellow ones represent happy thoughts.


Peonies are also popular choices for wedding decorations because they are big, pretty flowers with a dainty fragrance. For weddings, you might prefer pink peonies as they represent compassion, happiness in marriage, and romance. Stay away from the red ones as they can mean bashfulness and timidity.


These beautiful, unique petals can be quite expensive flowers. However, if they are the flower of choice at your wedding, make sure that they are in season. White orchids can mean purity, innocence, but also reverence and elegance. Pink orchids symbolize joy, grace, and femininity.

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are popular choices for bouquets because they are both beautiful and strong. Their white color carries the meaning of purity and innocence. They make amazing splashes on bouquets or are perfect as single displays.

Sweet Pea

A favorite in country-style weddings, sweet peas have an adoring fragrance, and they come in many shades that fit any wedding theme. They are often thought to carry meanings of girliness or femininity. They also mean delicate pleasures and fun.


Hydrangeas are a unique flower for weddings that could steal the show with its vibrant colors and its clumps of small, dainty flowers. Pink hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotions, while purple ones mean that you desire to establish a deep connection with someone.

Lily of the Valley

Popularized by Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet, lilies of the valley carry beautiful meanings such as trustworthiness – An important promise to make at weddings. They also profess the return of happiness.


Gardenias are beautiful and fragrant flowers with voluptuous blooms that can bring an atmosphere of romance to the wedding. Gardenias bring with them a message of calmness and peace. Most of all, it’s sweet fragrance that makes these flowers a big favorite.

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