Choosing The Best Photos for Your Wedding Album

The wedding photographer has the experience and expertise which will help you create the best re-creation of your wedding through the photos. You as a couple get to decide which of the hundreds of photos taken on your special day can best narrate your story.

Creating your wedding album can be a happy, bonding moment for you and your spouse as a newly-married couple. Both of you should attend the appointment with your photographer together and use the following tips to create the best version of your wedding album.

Let Your Pictures Tell Your Story

One of the important tips in choosing the wedding photos for your album is to pick those that really speak for themselves – where the pictures themselves tell their own version of the story that would complement your bigger narrative. It could be a snapshot of your grandfather and your niece napping together or the happiness of your best friend capturing the bride’s bouquet.

As already stated, the wedding album is a retelling of the memorable moments of your wedding. Think about selecting and arranging pictures in the chronological order, much like how events are laid out from one page to another in a storybook. Typically, the wedding story follows the plot of the bride and groom preparations, the marriage ceremony, then the reception.

Favorites Over “Should-Have” Pictures

Since it is a wedding album, a lot of people, yourself included, may have expectations on what should be seen in your album. You might think that the key events should be there: the arrival at the church, the wedding kiss, the first dance, the slicing of the cake, etc. Instead about worrying about these things with your head, why not choose with your heart instead?

Which among the photographs were your favorites? Which among them spoke to you emotionally and made you feel the same burst of emotion? It is your wedding album so choose the photographs that you want to be there. Remember that you can always access unprinted photos in the digital copies on the USB drive that your photographer would give you.

Colored or Black and White?

Another consideration that you would have to make when choosing photos for your photo album is whether they should be printed in colored or in black and white. Again, it is entirely up to your preference, and there are no strict rules of when and which photographs should be colored and which should be in monochrome.

However, to give you some guidelines, while colored photos really pop and bring life into the images, black and white photographs can be really beautiful when you want to highlight the emotional moments in your wedding. This could be your dad shedding a tear as he makes his toast or your mother-in-law finally giving you a welcoming hug. With the emphasis on shadows and light, they could also look classier than colored photos.

Highlights of Key Moments

When choosing your photographs, it is also good to add some variety to them. While picking the top memorable and emotional moments is great, you might also want to include some pictures that offer a comedic break like your cousins playing around or a playful flower girl sprinkling flowers everywhere.

Although posed and ordered group shots and must-have shots are lovely, you might also consider impromptu shots that really highlight the beauty and personality of you as a couple and the other people in the wedding.

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