Best Wedding Photographers in the UK

Best Wedding Photographers in the UK

The wedding day is definitely one of the most important days for every couple. Organizing such an event can prove extremely stressful given the fact that every detail matters. Even though your family and friends are there to support you, the final details should be chosen by you and your partner. The photographer can be considered as important as the couple. At the end of the wedding you will want to have material memories of the special day and the photos are the best method. We have listed some of the best wedding photographers in the UK in order to inspire you for your special day.

Dino Jeram is a photographer based in Middlesex. He is renowned for his Asian weddings. He specialized in Hindu and Sikh weddings. He won multiple prizes with his photos and proves to be the perfect choice for Indian families that have specific cultural demands. His photos are both romantic and discreet at the same time, giving the couple the perfect gift after their wedding.

Atken photography is proud to say that they don’t do the traditional cheesy photos. This firm specialized in spontaneous, natural photos of the wedding. You will not have to pose for hours with your partner before the wedding. You can enjoy this event while the photographer takes the pictures without bothering you or one of your guests.

Terry Li is a London based female photographer. She won multiple prizes in photography competitions and last year she begun judging. She has a very clean, discreet style of photography and she can also adapt to certain specific cultural traditions. She was also rated in top 10 UK photographers in 2016.

Fiona Kelly is another London based female photographer. She has a very natural, spontaneous style. She likes to capture the small romantic moments during your wedding reception instead of the classical poses that we have all seen. She adapts to the couple in order to take the best shots.

Albert Palmer is a photographer located in Bristol. He has a very modern approach and likes to stay away from stereotypes. He is the perfect choice for modern couples that like to stay away from the classic wedding albums.

Ikin Yum is a photographer based in London. One thing that can be said about this photographer is that every photo is majestic. He knows how to transform an ordinary situation in something spectacular. He will give every couple gorgeous photos.

Barbara K is a wedding photographer based in London. She is proud to say that her photos are very relaxed and creative. She is the perfect choice for the couple that isn’t a fan of classic style photos or weddings. She likes to take her photos outside the wedding venue in order to offer an alternative for the old school photos.


ER photography is formed from Jo and Jon. They are proud to say that their recording and photos are very natural. Being two of them, they may capture moments you have both missed.


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