Best Wedding Locations in the UK

The wedding is probably one of the most important moments in a person’s life a day they will remember forever. The whole family and some of the closest friends will take place to this wonderful event. Choosing the right venue can prove to be a huge headache for every couple. From the location, capacity, style and price all these small details can make the difference between a spectacular and an ordinary wedding. We have chosen some of the best wedding locations in the UK in order to help you with the big day.

Drapers’s Hall is one of the most beautiful wedding halls in London. This place was featured in many popular movies and soon was transformed in one of the celebrity wedding halls. The staff is fully prepared to make your special day perfect. The price of this venue is high, but the things offered make every penny. If you want this venue make sure to book it at least one year in advance. Being so popular, people from outside the UK choose it for their big day.

Hedsor House is another spectacular wedding location. It is located in a small palace in Buckinghamshire and features an amazing bridal suite. This venue was chosen by Vogue as the best wedding location in the UK. It is secluded from the neighbouring towns and offers a unique, elegant atmosphere. The price of the venue is also high thanks to its popularity. Make sure to book this place at least one year in advance in order to have it for your big day.

Merchant Taylor’s Hall is located in London and definitely has a wow factor. This venue has a 13-meter-high ceiling and it is perfect for the couples that want to have a very stylish reception. The staff is prepared to ensure you with the highest quality service. This venue will definitely leave all your guests wow.

St Giles House is located in Wimborne, Dorset. This location guarantees a very private, secluded reception. This romantic house features an amazing architectural style suitable for every taste and season. The 5000 acres of park surrounding the location are perfect for photo shoots and they guarantee that you will have a private, intimate reception.

Comlongon castle is located in Scotland. This castle has a long history of hosting wedding reception, so the quality of the services offered is guaranteed. The castle features amazing architecture and it is suitable for every type of wedding, no matter the season. The castle dates from the 15th century.

Comlongon castle

Kingston Estate is located in Devon. This location was the top choice of many celebrity couples from the UK and has a very special trait. It can accommodate many of your guests, so you don’t have to bother finding a hotel nearby. This location features a very beautiful architecture.

The Balmoral is located in Edinburgh. This hotel guarantees that you will have no worry about the reception on your special day. The staff has a vast experience in dealing with wedding receptions.

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