Best Outdoor Wedding Locations in the UK

Are you looking to tie the knot in the open under the English sky? Come on board as we explore the various beautiful outdoor locations in the UK where you can get hitched.

Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey

(Max Capacity 400)

This is one of the best venues for an unforgettable outdoor wedding in the Uk. The garden is big, light and very spacious with plenty tropical large palm. The garden house boasts of over 16,000 panes of glass regarded as one of the most critical Victorian iron and glass structure that still exists in the world today. The palm house offers the fascinating backdrop which will colorfully spice up your outdoor wedding.


The Roof Gardens, Kensington, London

(Max Capacity 500)

No venue will match the natural scenery offered by the Roof Gardens. The garden is located right at the heart of London and is the perfect venue if you are looking at having an excellent outdoor wedding. Where else in London will you find mandarin ducks and flamingos moving around freely? This place will undoubtedly charm you once you get here. The roof garden is a combination of the Spanish Garden which is based on the Alhambra in Granada and known for that distinct Moorish flavor; plus the Tudor Garden that makes use of the red brick walls and Tudor styled arches to bring back that Stone Age feeling to the gardens. There is also the English Woodland Garden with over one thousand crocus, narcissus, muscari, bluebells and snowdrops which changes the face of the whole environment when they blossom every spring. The garden is also home to lots of birds like the Mandarin and the Carolina wood ducks which are perpetually food here. You will also find the every blooming flamingo which are always running around the garden.

You can have the wedding ceremony in one of the gardens and then take the reception to the inside, or if you do not have many guests, you can have both celebrations in one of the gardens. The Roof gardens are big enough for all size of weddings; the gardens can host about 500 guests for the standing reception and sit down dinners of about 200 guests.

BMA House, Bloomsbury, London

(Max Capacity 200)

This is another beautiful place for an excellent outdoor wedding. The venue has a wedding license with four rooms: the prince room, John Snow Room, Sir James Paget Room and the Great Hall. But most people that have their wedding here choose to use the Courtyard and The Garden. These two vast spaces are always in high demand during the wedding seasons. The courtyard is charming, with a central fountain that is surrounded by statuses. You can have your outdoor wedding here and enjoy the fantastic scenery. This space is big enough for about 200 guests. If you are looking to have a small, intimate wedding, then you should try out the garden. The garden is more romantic for private marriages, and the environment gives the best wedding photographs.

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