A Messy Idea for Wedding Photos – Trash The Wedding Dress Photoshoot

The wedding dress plays a significant role when it comes to planning the wedding. Picking the perfect wedding gown requires a lot of time and effort. The ideal wedding dress is something every girl dreams of, and she would be willing to do anything possible to keep it perfect. However, if you do not think the term ‘perfect’ implies flawless, then you would love the idea of trashing the wedding dress for a beautiful yet modern photo shoot. 

This growing trend of trashing the wedding dress gives the bride another opportunity to wear her gown but without having to take good care of it. This surely does not mean your dress is ruined forever. The extent to which you want the gown trashed can be decided beforehand. The whole idea is to allow your creativity to flow to enjoy a relaxing and carefree way of wearing your wedding dress one last time. This style requires the couple to venture into unique territories with the botched dress, either by drenching the dress in dirt or by getting dirty while wearing it. Sometimes couples go to extremes by even tearing or destroying the dress. The custom does require incredible courage; however, the shots taken are mesmerizing indeed. 

Some plan their session by including a walk through the dense woods or by swimming in a pond. Some take it to the next level trying to change tires covered in grease or even walking through puddles of dirt and mud. Couples who have dared to indulge and incorporate the trend in their photo shoot have stories to tell. Most importantly brides feel that it is a fantastic way to make use of their wedding gowns again, instead of just letting it sit in the closet. 

The Cost

The photographers charge depending on the location of the photo shoot, the number of scenes included and the time spent on shooting. In order to make it a less expensive affair, ensure you choose a photographer who offers ‘trash-the-dress session’ as part of the package.

Ideas And Inspiration

The internet is a sea of ideas. Photographers advertise their skills by posting the pictures online. Their websites include a portfolio and also several images that tell you about their unique shoot ideas. You can also look at YouTube for inspiration as videographers and even brides and grooms record their sessions and upload them on YouTube.

Trash the wedding dress shoot, Feltham, UK

Make sure you choose a photographer you trust and has the required skills. Once this task is complete, ensure you work on a plan. Decide on how much you would like to experiment. Some brides do take the risk but yet prefer to keep the dress original and beautiful; however, there are others who take a deep plunge and go all the way. The bride gets to let go of all the stress from the wedding by choosing to trash the dress. This way she and her husband have the best time of their life shooting carefree pictures that they can cherish all their life.

For brides who do not want to ruin their beautiful and expensive gowns, you have the option of getting a pre-owned dress or a traditional, less expensive gown with the purpose of trashing it. This way you do not have to stress about ruining your fancy wedding dress.

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